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Ticketpass : Centaure Events Sunday, October 28

Sunday, October 28

Standing places, uncovered seating or covered seatin

Come and enjoy the CAIO 4 * marathon on the slopes of the Sers ski area and the CSO of the CIC 2 * and the CCI 4 * be the final event of this equestrian triathlon!
These tickets give you access to the marathon tracks and at the hurdle career (standing up).
And in addition, choose a seat among:

  • places in covered stands to access the platform under big top (Be careful: not numbered places but limited).
  • and the places in tribunes not covered which will give you access to one of our 5 outdoor stands (be careful, not numbered places)

Domaine de Sers

Domaine de Sers -
Allée Comte de Buffon, Pau, France.

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